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Make group decision-making a breeze with flockpick. Easily rate your favorite restaurants, activities, and more to find the perfect match for your group. Flockpick takes into account when you last experienced each option, and preferences on re-experiencing favorites versus trying something new. Say goodbye to indecision and sign up today!

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Group of friends enjoying a meal in a restaurant together

Join/Create Flocks

Join flocks with friends, family or co-workers to pick the best bar for happy hour, which activity to do at the weekend, which movie to watch together, what to make for the dinner party and more. If the flock doesn't exist yet, create it in a few simple steps.

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Rate and Pick

Rate your favorite options, and flockpick will recommend the best choice for all participants. Weighing the ratings, preferences and when each option was last experienced to ensure the participant satisfaction is maximized. Say goodbye to endless debates and hello to effortless decision-making!

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Stay up to date on your friends favorites by following their news feeds. Customize your privacy settings to determine what you are and are not sharing. Here is what some of our users are sharing publicly:

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